Founded by a husband and wife team, Yo Social is a forward thinking and innovative social media management firm in Ventura County, California.




Customer Relations

Experience: Hospitality and service industry manager; sales; and life in the real world.

What He's Saying...
"We have to create an opportunity to share. That’s what social media is all about. Sharing who you are and what you do, and creating the chance for a happy customer to spread that positive vibe with their followers.”

For Fun: Family, fun, faith, and baseball.

Sign: Taurus


Experience: Business Manager with emphasis on marketing and new business development;
Interior Design degree from Arizona State University

What she is saying...
"I have a passion for all things design related. I like everything to be 'just so' and orderly. From websites, to social media, to your printed materials, I want to represent your brand with perfection."

For Fun: Family, art, swimming, and Seahawks football.

Sign: Scorpio